What do you need for summer? Here are a few of my favorite YL products (if you don’t know how much I love YL, keep reading!!) to get you through the summer!!


Sunscreen is one of those products you need so you don’t get sunburned and subsequently have sun damage or even worse (like abnormal cells), BUT traditional sunscreens, like the ones I grew up with, contain a host of chemicals and substances you do NOT want BAKED into your SKIN!

This isn’t new information. If you check out websites like ewg.org (The Environmental Working Group) or madesafe.org, there are articles, information, and guidelines to buying healthier, safer sunscreen options.

My favorite just so happens to be Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen because it comes in my monthly box whenever I need it!! One tube has lasted over a year for our family of 4 because you need such a little amount when applying. Even with reapplying every few hours, my first tube is still 3/4 full! That is a GREAT deal!!

Also, Young Living has a “Reef Safe” rating, which means you can use it in the ocean! There are some vacation areas that are refusing to let certain sunscreens on their beaches, resorts and oceans because of the chemicals damaging the sea life. Not this one!!


I got this one for free at some point, and never really used it, but this spring I got a MAJOR sunburn one day (I was NOT wearing sunscreen at all – dumb) and my skin hurt. I started spraying this on my face and chest and it felt SO much better! My son got bit by a dog and we sprayed it on the bite – SO much better! It’s just become one of the things we keep out and available for ANY skin irritation, rash, bug bite, whatever! It’s been a LIFESAVER this year. There is also LavaDerm After Sun Spray!


We live in mosquito-land and although we had a cold spring, the bugs are starting to come out at night. My kids play baseball and my husband and I enjoy being outside in the evenings. In the past, bugs have driven us inside when it became dark outside. I tried a variety of DIY bug sprays and although some of them did kind of work, nothing has been as good as this one!! Seriously. A DEET-free, plant-based, insect repellant?? YES PLEASE!! Safe for kids, dogs, and all people. We pour ours into a spray bottle and thin it out with a little witch hazel to help it spray better and we are set!!

Picture from my friend Courtney
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Other Summer Favorites

In addition to the PERFECT summer necessities in the picture above – seriously LOVE those!!- I also have my summer list of things I need in the summer.

  1. Probiotics – I LOVE junk food – chips and dip, mayo-based salads, hot dogs on the grill, drinks on the deck – you name it!! MightyPro helps keep my tummy chugging along so that I can digest and detox my body from all that junk I ate. Whoops.
  1. Citronella oil – We just drip this into the diffuser, plug it in on the deck and keep bugs clear from our little area. LOVE it!!
  2. Lavender – This helps with all skin-type needs. Bites, rashes, unexplainable itches, sitting too long in the sun, you name it! Also great for camping and sleeping at night as bugs don’t like the smell of lavender AND it helps calm your overtired kids and helps them sleep in a different bed/tent.

Those are MY favorites!! Anyone have some of theirs?? Did you want to get some of your own?? Click here to get any of the products above!

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