I hear this ALL the time when slinging oils (ha!!). But this month, I’m working on a CLASS that I will be giving in person for those that know me and on Facebook for those in my Facebook group and the whole point of the class is to show people how truly cost effective using oils is.

We’ve discussed the toxicity in the household including chemicals used in your home. That was enough for ME to change my ways, but I know other people have other motivations. We’ve discussed healthy lifestyle choices; better skin, better sleep, better everything. But maybe you’re the type that needs that extra push. One more reason that these oils are ACTUALLY WORTH it. Enter my new class and blog series: Essentially Less Expensive.

I will be breaking down the cost of items and comparing them to similar store-bought items. This month is all about SAVING YOU MONEY!!! I will show you just how that works by providing a store product, Young Living option, and DIY option. Like this chart below:

It pretty much speaks for itself. I personally prefer using natural household cleaners for my family. We try to limit our use of chemicals and plastics as much as we can and this is something I CAN control.

I started with purchasing “greener” cleaners from Target or my local natural foods store. I felt better about using these, but although they were better options, they still contained chemicals that are potentially hazardous to my health and my family’s health. They still contained chemicals that I was washing down the drain into the water system and eventually into the environment.

When I started using essential oils, I started making DIY Household Cleaners using vinegar, water, soap, and oils. For me, I felt better about using these non-chemicals in my home. This cleaner recipe works well and I was able to use the cleaner on most everything – even on my wood floors. Change the oils up if you want to – citrus smells great, pine is nice in the fall/winter and cinnamon bark is one of my favorites to add!!

When I bought my first bottle of Thieves household cleaner and realized I can use that for absolutely EVERYTHING in my home, that was the end. I can literally stand in the bathroom and spray this on EVERY SINGLE SURFACE. Which, when you have two little boys, you know is VERY important. Look at the cost breakdown above. Even if I chose to use 2 oz. for each bottle of cleanser it would still be the same price as the junk I used to buy at Target. SO. WORTH. IT.

What do you use? Do you have a good recipe?? Do you want a hook up for Thieves cleaner?? I have a link here for my oils store – do yourself a favor and get the Thieves cleaner today!!

Store: https://www.myyl.com/kristinelindgren

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