Running on Empty: How to Restock your Premium Starter Kit


So you got yourself a kit. You love it. You use it. You are out of Lemon. Or Lavender. Or Peppermint. What should you do??

The first time this happened to me, I bought myself a whole new starter kit. Yep. That was NOT smart. But I loved them all – how on earth could I choose??  I came across a graphic after my second starter kit that showed me just how to OPTIMIZE my oil purchases so that I could restock my kit AND earn points back!! Enter Essential Rewards.

I know, I’ve talked E.R. before. And you know that it’s a great loyalty program where you get points back and also get freebies during promotions. If you don’t know that click here for that blog post.

So with all of that, I’ve created a little Infographic that you can use, share, whatever helps to make it an easy process for you!! Also, these are just my ideas, so if you don’t like it – don’t use it! 🙂

So what you need to do first is log in to your Virtual Office. On the left hand side, there is a link to “Essential Rewards”. Click on that and choose a date of delivery. This will stay the same every month unless you change the date. You will get an email a day or two before your order is scheduled to go through to remind you to check on that order. I think this is so awesome!! It really helps me when I realize that I have to add/take away things before my order processes.

If it’s your first 3 months on ER, you will earn 10% back on your entire Essential Reward order. Months 4-24 earn 20% back and 25+ earn 25% back!! On top of that, you will earn loyalty oils at 3, 6, 9, 12 months. AND on top of THAT you will earn monthly promos usually for 100 and 190 PV. Don’t quote me on that 😉

It just makes sense!! Don’t you agree??




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