Back to School: 5 Oils You Need To Get Ready For The School Year

My other job is in a school. I am not only a Young Living Distributer and blogger, I am also a school-based Speech/Language Pathologist. This is my 14th year starting school as an SLP and every fall I get really excited to start fresh another year!!  This year I have some changes in the way I’ve been providing service, so I know there is going to be a learning curve. I also work in a primary school building – Preschool through 2nd grade. You know what that means – GERMS!!! So without further ado, I am going to give you my TOP 5 BACK TO SCHOOL OILS!!!

#1: Thieves

This is a “duh” to me. Thieves smells like fall and gets me in the mood for the fall time – add a little orange, and it smells like Heaven!!  Thieves is also a great immune-booster that you all need in your homes. We are going from our outside, summer lives to joining 600 other people in one building. You NEED TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

-Diffuse Thieves when your kids are doing homework. It smells great and helps their little immune systems out!

-Add to a carrier oil in a roller bottle and keep out for the kiddos. My boys roll it on their spines when brushing their teeth in the morning. You can put it on their feet as well, but we usually forget until after socks are on.

-Add a drop of Thieves Vitality to your coffee or tea in the morning. It makes it taste similar to chai tea – yum!!! Plus it’s an extra immune boost!!

-Make a spray bottle with some water and Thieves to spray on doorknobs, light switches, and in the air! It’s not going to hurt anything, right?


#2: Orange

Orange is GREAT for a little boost in the morning! It’s also so good added to many, many oils. I love it with Peppermint, Joy, Thieves, and more! Orange can be used for SO many things; it can help support your nervous system, give you a little energetic boost, and is also a great immune booster.

-Diffuse Orange and Thieves together to boost that immunity!!

– Add Orange to any of the Emotional Oil blends to “tone down” the flowery smell

– Add Orange Vitality to your water in the morning for a great boost

– Orange and Peppermint together are GREAT for aiding digestion (and the Orange again tones down the Peppermint)


#3: Peppermint

Peppermint is seriously my “go-to” oil for most things. I LOVE the smell. When I diffuse this with Lavender and Lemon, it provides the seasonal support I need when it changes over to fall. Peppermint is great for muscle support, lung support, digestive support, and support for your central nervous system. This oil encourages me to take deep breaths which is something we definitely ALL need to improve!

-Rub Peppermint on your muscles if you feel tension – I always have tension in my neck and forehead – Pepp is my jam!

-Rub Peppermint on your tummy if you ate too much or have a nervous tummy about starting school – this is a big one for my kiddos! They get nervous and a little teeny bit of Peppermint goes a long way! START WITH ADDING A CARRIER OIL!!

-Peppermint Vitality can be added to water to support digestion and give your water a little zing!

-Peppermint Vitality can be used to freshen your breath if you’re brave enough!! It’s strong!! I put a drop in my palm and touch my tongue to it. That’s all I can handle!!

-Peppermint goes over my lungs at night to support my respiratory system. Like I said, it encourages me to take DEEP BREATHS!


#4: Lavender

Lavender oil is like the “swiss army knife” of oils. It’s supportive for so many body systems including skin and is a very calming oil. When we have to get into the bedtime routine of the year I get a little push back! Also, my kids are worriers and they love to worry when they should be sleeping. Lavender oil is a very safe-for-children oil that I apply to their neck, back, feet, wrists and wherever else they let me to help them calm down for bedtime. I love adding this to a nightly bath to aid relaxation.

#5: Thieves Household Cleaner

Okay. So it’s not really a straight up oil, but this is something I CANNOT start the school year without! The cleaner comes in a concentrated formula, so you need to dilute it with water and add it to a spray bottle. I have a bottle of this cleaner on each floor of my home and I keep one at school also. It is a WONDERFUL plant-based cleaner that is safe for children and smells like cookies! I use this cleaner on ALL surfaces of my home – bathrooms, kitchens, glass, carpet, hardwood floors, and my classroom desks and tables. There are recipes online in which people add this cleaner to their laundry detergent to boost it, add it to soap for handsoap, and more! It’s an extremely versatile cleaner. Check out this video from YouTube showing how clean it really is!!


You guys!! How could I almost forget this one?!?! I use Stress Away every. single. day. I rub it on my wrists as perfume, spray it all over myself like a body spray and I keep this one in my purse to sniff throughout the day. This is a blend of lovely oils such as Lime, Copaiba, and Vanilla. It smells soooo good, and really does what it says on the bottle! It is my every day oil.


So that’s it! My Back-To-School Essentials list. I really could go on and on with vitamins and Ningxia Red and Emotional Oils but I had to stop somewhere!  What oils do you LOVE for back to school??



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