Refresh, Recharge, and Recommit: What do you do with these oils??

Are you new to Young Living??

Each month the company comes out with GREAT Promotions to help support you and your healthy lifestyle!! This month is NO EXCEPTION!!

In order to get the most out of this deal, you need to order a certain amount of product. For example, when you place an order of 100 PV (100 points – pretty comparable to dollars in most cases), you earn a 5 ml. bottle of Spearmint Vitality IF you order using Essential Rewards.

I’m going to start there – Essential Rewards – what is that?

Essential Rewards Program

Young Living has created this AWESOME rewards program where you not only can earn free products RIGHT NOW with THIS E.R. ORDER, but you ALSO EARN CREDITS/POINTS/DOLLARS BACK to spend on a later Quick order.  This is how I have earned SO. MANY. FREE. THINGS.  It’s like a “try it before you buy it” type of deal because you are getting products for your points, essentially for FREE!!

So what else about E.R.? 

Here’s a little graphic about what you earn back in rewards. For the first 3 months, you will earn 10% back on each purchase. You get 20% for the next 20 months, and once you are in the program for 25 months, you get 25% back on all purchases!! Add that to the already fantastic deal of 24% off when you get a WHOLESALE account over just buying retail, and you are getting a 50% discount (24% now, 25% later basically). WOWZA!!

Even more info for you if I’m not making sense!

So it’s a win-win situation folks!! Go to YOUR VIRTUAL OFFICE and click on the menu on the left on ESSENTIAL REWARDS to get signed up and start earning points back TODAY!!

Back to our previously scheduled program – AUGUST PROMOS!!

Spearmint Vitality Oil

If you recall, vitality is our FDA labeled oils that are consumable. You can ingest these vitality oils along with diffusing them or applying them topically.

Spearmint oil can be blended with Peppermint Vitality for digestive system support. Take it in a veggie capsule, drop it onto your hand and rub it directly over your stomach. Add a drop to water or tea to support digestion and improve the taste of your beverage.

Spearmint is also great in the diffuser and helps give that ZING! of energy when inhaled! I love it mixed with Lemongrass or another fruity citrus-type of oil.


You can earn this lovely oil with an order of 190 PV AND being an ESSENTIAL REWARDS member. This was a freebie for me in the past and quite honestly I would never have tried it, but it is yummy!!  It has a menthol-type smell, but it’s much milder than the typical menthol smell. I use this one before yoga or meditation. It helps kind of encourage me to take really deep breaths. It’s great in the diffuser and you can apply it topically to help with immune boosting or skin support!


This is another oil you get at 190 PV – so add that up! If you are on ER and spend 190 PV, you get THREE FREE OILS right there! Plus, if you’ve come this far, you get at least 19 points back (dollars$$$$$) to spend later!

Wintergreen is refreshing – you’ve probably smelled this before. However, do not ingest this oil – it actually has a child safety cap on top because it is so super strong! This is a great addition to V6 oil or lotion to rub on sore, tired muscles. It also smells like Christmastime to me! I love that!!

Aroma Siez

We’re at the next level!! 250PV and you earn $118 in FREE OILS PLUS you’ll have 25 points to spend later!

Aroma Siez contains Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress. This is another oil that would be great for any muscle relief and smells AWESOME in the diffuser!  Also, when I look at the list of oils and know what Peppermint and Lavender do for me (seasonal support!!)  I would bet that this is a good one to diffuse when the seasons start to change. Add a little Lemon and you have yourself a lovely home scent without toxic candles!!


We’ve reached the top. Spend 300PV, get all of these (if you’re on ER) and get over 30 points to spend later!! That’s laundry detergent for this month PLUS $185 free oils!!

This oils is an emotional oil blend. It has flowery parts such as Geranium, plus the grounding, earthy scent of Frankincense, and some fruity Orange and Grapefruit! It is supposed to boost feelings of self worth and self acceptance. And don’t we all need a little of that these days?!

On top of all that, you get an adorable 3 oil Bamboo Block holder (see picture at the top of the post).


Whew! That was a lot of information!  That’s what I’m here for!! I really love learning about what all of these oils can do for me, and really want to help you learn what they can do for you as well!!


So! Do you have any questions?? Let me know in the comments or contact forms! I’m happy to try to answer any and all questions!

Do you have oils?? Do you need them still?? If you want a hook up click HERE to get started on your oil journey TODAY!!

Do you want MORE information??? I am so happy to give you a little intro class on YOUR SCHEDULE!!! We could Facetime, do a Facebook class, an in-person meeting if you’re in my state, just let me know!! Click HERE to SCHEDULE A CLASS WITH ME!!!




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