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How I Use Oils Every Day – A Simple Routine

I LOVE my oils!! In fact, I love each and every produce from Young Living that I use.  But I’ll start with the oils. I want to let you know what oils I use daily and how I use them. I think that is the most confusing part of starting an oily life – where to start!!

So, here’s an example of my day – start to finish – with my oily little loves:

6:00 – Wake Up!! It’s always too early… scrape my tongue, put on my yoga clothes. Grab a scent to inhale – lately it’s been Lemongrass. I put a drop in my hands, rub them together and cup them over my mouth and nose. Take a few deep breaths. Get ready.

6:10 – Work Out – I love youtube yoga workouts. There are a wide variety out there – I prefer 20-30 minutes in the morning.

6:30 – Spray my mat. I have a yoga mat cleaner recipe I’ll link here later that contains Tea Tree and Thieves oils.

6:35 – Oil pull and dry brush. I add Orange vitality oil to my coconut oil and swish it around. I put a drop on my dry brush and brush while my shower warms up.

6:45 – Get ready for the day – I use Thieves Toothpaste, and spray my hair with hair tonic made of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Tea Tree oil. If I have a blemish on my face, I’ll put Tea Tree oil on it immediately. I usually wear Stress Away and Patchouli on my wrists or my diffusing jewelry. I spray myself with my secret recipe of Peace and Calming 2, Patchouli, and Orange.

7:15 – Go to work. Make sure I grab a shot of Ningxia and put Lemon in my water bottle (stainless steel). I keep an extra bottle of Lemon Vitality in my desk drawer for more water throughout the day.

10:45 – I probably have a headache or some form of muscle tension – I keep Peppermint and Deep Relief in my purse for just such an occasion. I also keep Breathe Again in there.

4:00 – Arrive Home! I pick up the kids on the way. Once we’re home, I diffuse Thieves and Orange or Lemon. I love diffusing when we get home.

6:30 – Bath. I loooove baths and they are my relaxation during the day – when people leave me along and I can sit in silence. I usually add epsom salt and baking soda to my tub and add a variety of oils that I feel like that day. Favorites are relaxing Lavender, Orange, Grapefruit, Stress Away, or maybe Peppermint (be careful with Peppermint!! It can get really hot on your skin in the water – I keep coconut oil nearby just in case).

9:00 – Bedtime. I use ART facial products mostly, but have made my own DIY facewash at times. I like Frankincense on my face and the back of my neck. I will drip Valor down my spine, and put Lavender in my palm with sweet almond oil and rub on my feet. I might diffuse Cedarwood and Lavender or just put a drop of Cedarwood on my third eye area or the crown of my head. If I wake up at night, I find that Peace and Calming is the easiest to help me relax and fall right back to sleep.

So that’s it! I just go about my day and oils have fit seamlessly into it!!

Most of these oils are available in the Premium Starter Kit offered by Young Living. If you are interested in signing up for the kit – you would be a member of my team and I’ll help you along! Click HERE to join!! I would LOVE to have you!!

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